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Commonly Asked Questions

The Rack Doctor answers the most frequently asked questions about rack and pinion steering units, steering boxes and steering racks and more.

1. How long does it take to ship?

Rack Doctor manufactures units in house at our Facility. We at rack Doctor Strive to ship all orders within 24-48 hours (Business days Monday to Friday) with a 99% line fill (it is very uncommon for us not to have a unit) In the event we do not have a unit or a core to build there are not many units we cannot have in house within 72 hours. We have been in the steering industry since 1986 so we have long term relationships with core suppliers in the industry. IF we have it listed on our web site we have it !!!!!!  

2. what brand are the rack and pinions?

Rack Doctor manufactures units in house at our Facility. So the Brand is Rack Doctor. We at Rack Doctor only remanufacture OEM rack and pinions using only  the highest quality components available.

3. What is a Core Deposit?

A Core is the old unit that you will remove from your vehicle. The sale of remanufactured auto parts involves the price of the part itself, as well as an additional core charge to encourage the return of your old part for remanufacturing purposes. The core charge, sometimes called a core price, is a form of deposit you pay until returning your old part. The deposit is refunded to you when you return the core (the old unit removed from your vehicle).

For example you purchase a remanufactured rack and pinion steering unit with a $65.00 core charge. After you replace the Rack And Pinion unit , you return the old one (the core) that you removed from your vehicle to The Rack Doctor. Then the original core deposit of $65.00 is refunded to you.

4. How long do I have to return the Core?

All cores must be returned within 40 days of purchase. Return shipping of the core is the buyers responsibility. Prepaid return shipping labels are available for purchase with this unit. Core deposit refunds are issued within 72 hours of receipt of your old unit. Cores must be returned in rebuildable condition.

5. How does the Core refund work ?

 When You purchase a remanufactured rack and Pinion from Rack Doctor your Check out price will include a refundable core deposit. Once you return your core (the unit you remove from your vehicle) to Rack Doctor the core deposit is refunded back to whatever funding source you purchased the unit with for example if you paid using a Visa Credit card  the same Visa Credit card will be refunded the amount. if you paid for the unit using Paypal then your refund will be refunded through Paypal. Rack Doctor LLC refunds core deposits in a timely manner. From the time your core is received your core deposit is refunded within 72 hours (business days) and an e-mail notification will be sent via e-mail.  Once a refund is issued it may take 3-5 days to appear on your credit card statement. depending on your financial institution.


 6.What is a Rebuildable Core ?

 A rebuildable core is a core that is free from un-repairable damage. if you are currently driving your vehicle then in most cases you will have no issues with your core return. It is very rare that a core deposit is not refunded (less than 1% of cores that are returned are non rebuildable). cores that are not rebuildable are cores that have been broken in an accident. If the casting of the unit has cracks or is broken then the core is not rebuildable. If the core is bent from collision damage then the core would not be rebuildable. Cores that have shafts with excessive rust on the shaft from years of water exposure would be non rebuildable cores.

cores that are leaking or if a unit has failed to give power assisted steering ARE  acceptable cores this is what is considered to be typical rack and pinion failure.

7. How Do I Return My Core ?

When purchasing a remanufactured rack and pinion from Rack Doctor the unit will be delivered to you from UPS in a box. once you install the remanufactured unit on your vehicle. place the old unit (your core) back in the same box the unit was delivered in seal the box and return the box using any suitable shipper to Rack Doctor. Return shipping labels are available at time of purchase for an additional fee. when using a return shipping label UPS or FEDEX postage will be prepaid place the return label on the box and drop the core in the box off at any UPS or FEDEX center or give to any UPS or FEDEX driver. (Rack Doctor shipsby FEDEX and UPS return labels will specifiy the specific shipper for your core return)   If you chose not to purchase a return label you may use any suitable shipping method of your choice.

 (Box dimensions are 48" X 8" X 8" with an average weight of 21 lbs)   

8. Do I Need An RGA # to Return My Core ?

Rack Doctor Keeps very accurate records of when a unit is ordered and shipped.

When you are ready to return the core When you are ready to return the core, Drain the unit of all fluids then  simply place your old steering unit in the box the unit was delivered in and seal the unit for shipping A core return tag will be included with your paper work on the outside of the box  the core tag must be filled out and attached to the core NO CORE REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED WITH OUT A CORE RETURN TAG PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY IF WE CANNOT READ THE TAG WE CANNOT ISSUE A REFUND. Please note if your core is leaking excessively in the box shippers may not deliver the core back please take a moment to drain the fluids from the unit prior to returning the unit you may wish to wrap the unit in a plastic trash bag to avoid shipping issues.  Please be sure that the Name you Purchased the unit under is clearly marked on the outside of the box so we will be able to refund your core deposit promptly. if you would like to include a copy of your invoice or write the invoice number on the box this is always helpful in expediting your core deposit refund. (We At Rack Doctor want to give you your core deposits back because we do want your cores back cores are the life line of our business)



9. Why Does Rack Doctor Want Cores Back
         Within 40 Days ?

Rack Doctor takes Pride In keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. While many manufacturers boast of having 1000's of units on the shelf it doesn't increase business if they all fit 1980 Ford Escorts. Cores are the life line of any remanufacturing business. Cores are of great Value to our operation, as cores come in the are quickly remanufactured and sold again. The faster businesses can turn the inventory the better the bottom line for the business. Rack and Pinion assemblies sitting on a shelf for many years waiting for a buyer are subject to failure as seals tend to dry rot. While Rack Doctor admittedly does not have the largest inventory in the country we will have the part you need for your vehicle guaranteed. This comes from over 20 years of industry experience in inventory control and market research. The 40 day allotted time allows 5 days in transit to you, 5 days in transit back to Rack Doctor, and 30 Days with the unit in your possession for you to Install, or Schedule installation of your Quality Remanufactured Rack and Pinion.     

10. How Can the Rack Doctor Sell Steering 
    Rack and pinions at such Discounted
    Prices ?

At Rack Doctor we are continually asked how do we sell rack and pinions at such competitive prices. The answer is simple. Much like other industries when a consumer purchases a remanufactured rack and pinion assembly, the unit goes through many different mark ups. I welcome you to do the math with your local parts store. But for now I will try and give a simple break down of how the parts business usually marks up a product.

The manufacturer (like Rack Doctor) will build a part and sell the part to what's called a WD (warehouse distributor). This distributor takes this part and marks the part up 30% to 40 % and then in turn sells the part to a Jobber (this is your local parts store). The Jobber (local parts store) will then mark the part up again usually 30%-40% and sell this part to a installer (this is usually your mechanic). If you are using a mechanic they will mark the part up anywhere from 50% to 100%. If you are buying the part directly from the parts store then the parts store will normally mark the part up 60% rather than the 30% they would normally mark the part up to a regular mechanic, who is a regular customer of the parts store.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions please feel free to give us a call or and let us help you determine whether or not you need a rack and pinion for your vehicle. We are here to help and always happy to do so when we can.

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